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Empowering Women, Transforming Communities: Farxiya’s Inspiring Journey

Where Farxiya inspiring story began

In the remote village of Siraadley in Sanaag, Somaliland, a remarkable woman named Farxiya, lives with her family. Inspiringly, her story serves as a tale of empowering women and transforming communities. Indeed, Farxiya, a passionate advocate for female leadership and empowerment, played a pivotal role in changing the lives of many by persuading her husband to sell their family’s frankincense to the Beeyo Maal Cooperative. As an example of the impact of buying from Beeyo Maal, we wanted to share Farxiya’s journey and how her actions have created a ripple effect of positive change in her small community.

Farxiya’s dedication to empowering women in her village is deeply rooted. In a society where traditional gender roles had long marginalised women from decision-making processes, Farxiya recognized the need for change. Consequently, she tirelessly advocated for women to have a leadership role within the cooperative, despite the challenges they faced.


Taking part in the Beeyo Maal Cooperative

Farxiya’s husband, who is a frankincense harvester, owns valuable Boswellia trees in the area. Farxiya and her female relatives were fulfilling the essential role of sorting the resins. However, these women were met with hurdles when it came to participating further in the industry. In 2022, Farxiya’s family harvested and sorted one thousand kilos of resins, and it was her determination that led her to persuade her husband to work with the cooperative and contribute their family’s harvest to the budding local cooperative. Since then, and thanks to the commitment of women and people like Farxiya, Beeyo Maal is now 800 strong.

Farxiya’s persuasive efforts not only enabled women to participate in the cooperative but also opened doors for them to assume leadership roles. Although Farxiya herself did not seek a leadership position. However, she tirelessly advocated for women like Luul Siciid Jaamac and Fatima Mohamoud Mohamed, who had dedicated years to the sorting process. They are now two of the four on the board of the cooperative committee


What buying 1,000kg of resin from Beeyo Maal means

For their 2022 harvest, Farxiya and her family earned $5,000 for the 1,000kg of frankincense resins harvested by them. Subsequently, with this investment, Farxiya embarked on a mission to transform her village and improve the lives of its residents in remarkable ways:

  1. Converting Wasteland: Farxiya transformed a barren wasteland into a thriving tree nursery and farming land, cultivating a variety of vegetables, fruits, and grains.
  2. Access to Water: She built two traditional water holes to harvest rainwater, ensuring a sustainable water supply for the community.
  3. Improved Infrastructure: Farxiya purchased three water tanks to enhance water storage capacity, meeting the community’s daily needs.
  4. Affordable Food: She opened a shop offering food at city-level prices, making essential supplies accessible to her fellow villagers.
  5. Connectivity: Farxiya prioritised modernisation by providing solar lighting and internet access to her community, connecting them to the wider world.
  6. Digital Inclusion: Her first purchase was a mobile phone, enabling her to document and share the progress and stories of her village with the world.


Farxiya Inspiring story’s Legacy:

Farxiya’s story is a testament to the transformative potential of empowering women within harvesting communities. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring women’s voices are heard and their contributions recognised has improved the lives of those around her. Furthermore, it also sets a shining example for future generations. As we celebrate Farxiya’s journey, this is a reminder that real change begins with individuals who have the courage to champion equality and empowerment for all – An inspiring example of empowering women and transforming communities.

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