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Sustainability - A Delicate Balance.

Battling Xaare: Protecting Our Trees and Livelihoods

Nestled in the heart of Somaliland, a pressing challenge now threatens the cherished frankincense trees, the livelihood of the communities who depend on them, and sustainability: A delicate balance. This adversary takes the form of Xaare, a local pest notorious for its elusive nature. The mysterious beetle larvae is causing substantial havoc among the trees. This article delves into the enigma of Xaare, exploring its deleterious effects on the trees and the community. Moreover, we shed light on the instrumental efforts of the local community, bolstered by the backbone of support provided by Beeyo Maal Cooperative, as they wage a battle to combat this relentless menace.

The causes of the Xaare infestation

The intricate dynamics between Xaare and the trees are multifaceted and intriguing. Indeed, overharvesting has severely compromised the trees’ immune systems, heightening their vulnerability to Xaare infestations. Furthermore, a noticeable decline in bird populations, once natural predators of Xaare larvae, has been observed by the local community. Deforestation and unbridled exploitation of the forest have disrupted this delicate ecological balance, providing a conducive environment for the pest to propagate unchecked.

History and consequences of the Xaare

Xaare, an enigmatic beetle larvae that has coexisted within the ecosystem for generations, has recently posed an ominous threat for the above reasons. The dwindling forest has witnessed an alarming surge in Xaare infected trees, a phenomenon that continues to baffle Western science. Xaare, with its propensity to burrow deep into a tree’s trunk, inflicts irreparable damages. Additionally, this weakens further the tree’s immune system and rendering it susceptible to further perils.

The solution

In response to this ecological crisis, the local community has risen resolutely to protect their trees. Armed with traditional remedies, they have concocted a mixture of crushed chilli peppers and water. This homemade solution is sprayed on the trees to deter the pests from infiltrating.

Crucially, Beeyo Maal Cooperative acts as a catalyst to tackle this issue. Their endeavour highlights the interwoven stakes between the well-being of the Boswellia trees and of its local community. The cooperative has been pivotal in organising and supporting these volunteers, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility within the community. Beeyo Maal Cooperative serves as a vital conduit for sharing best practices and ideas, allowing the community to consolidate their knowledge and jointly tackle the Xaare challenge.

Why buying directly from Beeyo Maal is more sustainable

The ongoing battle against Xaare serves as a potent illustration of the resilience and determination of the local community in Somaliland. United in purpose, they toil tirelessly to safeguard their beloved Boswellia trees and preserve their way of life. This showcases the power of collective action and community-driven solutions. Undeterred by adversity, they stand firm in their pursuit of a future where both their trees and livelihoods can flourish once more, with the indispensable support and sustainability ethos of Beeyo Maal Cooperative lighting the way.

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