Transparency: Do you know where your frankincense come from?

Transparency at Beeyo Maal Cooperative

In the intricate world of frankincense trade, where claims of fair, transparent, and ethical practices often mask hidden complexities, Beeyo Maal Cooperative stands for clarity. The valuable commodity that is frankincense carries with it a rich history, but its journey from tree to market can be fraught with exploitation, theft, and questionable sustainability practices.

We are transparent about how we manage the cooperative, and in return, buyers and users of the frankincense resin and essential oil can be assured that the sourcing of this product is fair and sustainable.

We aim to achieve transparency through these three principles:

  • We set prices and make them public.
  • Buyers are invoiced directly by the cooperative. Payments are received through our bank Account at Premier Bank.
  • We report on results yearly.

Logistics including shipping and distilling can be managed by the cooperative too, increasing transparency. The fewer intermediaries, the cleaner/ cleaner the supply chain.

Direct Sales, Removing Shadows of Exploitation

Beeyo Maal Cooperative, formed with a vision of empowering communities and steering them clear of exploitation, brings significant changes to the trade. Producers within our cooperative sell directly to buyers, eliminating the risk of exploitation and ensuring a transparent and ethical supply chain. This direct approach not only guarantees fair compensation for the hard work of our 800 harvesters and sorters but also mitigates the risk of unsustainable practices that can harm both the trees and the communities that depend on them.

Transparency in Practice: Setting Prices and Direct Invoicing

At Beeyo Maal, transparency is not just a claim; it’s a practiced principle. We make our prices public, ensuring that everyone involved in the supply chain is well-informed. We offer direct invoicing by the cooperative, removing intermediaries and ensuring that the financial benefits of the trade go directly to the communities involved. This not only guarantees fair pay for our members but also fosters a sense of responsibility and shared success within the cooperative.

A Reliable Link in the Chain: Beeyo Maal as the Guarantee

For many renowned companies, sourcing frankincense in the Sanaag area (Dayaxa, Calmadow, etc.), Beeyo Maal serves as the guarantee of ethical and fair trade. By purchasing directly from our cooperative, international companies and their agents can ensure that the frankincense resins have been acquired at a fair price and through rightful means – directly from the source: Beeyo Maal Cooperative.

Beyond Trade: What It Means for the Trees, the Future, and the People

Our commitment to transparency extends beyond the marketplace. It echoes in the rustle of the frankincense trees, signaling a sustainable future for this precious resource. By directly involving the community in the trade, we ensure that the future of frankincense is not just secured but thrives. It’s a pledge to the people whose livelihoods depend on the resin-producing Boswellia trees, assuring them that their efforts are valued and fairly compensated.

Responsibility and Code of Practice

Transparency is not just a commitment from us; it’s a shared responsibility. As consumers, we invite you to be informed and discerning about the products you choose. As buyers and producers in cosmetics, aromatherapy, health, and wellbeing, your choices have far-reaching consequences. And for traders, importers, and industry experts, we encourage a commitment to ethical practices that ensure the sustainability of the frankincense trade.

In the shadowy landscape of the frankincense trade, Beeyo Maal Cooperative stands tall, not just as a source but as a symbol of transparency, fairness, and sustainability. Our principles are not just promises; they are the very fabric of our cooperative, woven into the stories of the people, the trees, and the future of frankincense.